Santa Fe Road Trip

It has been almost two years since our site crashed.  I finally took the time to get it back up and running.  Hopefully, I will backfill some of the missing time as well.

The motivation for fixing the site was our most recent road trip: Santa Fe.  We mixed it up this time and Kelly flew with the kids to Albuquerque, and I drove down with Dash to meet them.  We all drive home together.


Typical Saturday

I have been struck recently by the number of international tourists in the North Cascades.  It is interesting to raise kids in an area that is on such a destination for so  many people.  What is a lifetime destination for some, is simply Saturday for Greta and Ripleigh.

I particularly enjoy Dash sailing by with the river current. He loves to ride the current, but it has been rare that we captured it on camera.



This was Ripleigh’s and Kelly’s first trip to Eight Mile Lake in the Enchantments. Greta and I hiked in to this spot last year.

We hiked in with some friends from childcare.  Here are the kids eating together after the hike in.

(Note: Photos are oddly rotated because WordPress just simply does not like photos taken on an iPhone.  Not sure why.)


Here are Greta and Ripleigh at lunch after hiking out the next day.IMG_2711

Here is the hike in to the lake:


And enjoying the lake once we arrived.


We head back to the same lake at the end of August.